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Roasted Vegetables

Maple Mountain New York, LLC.

​​Maple Roasted Vegetables can be tailored to your preferences and what's available at the market (or your garden) on any given day.

Makes about 8 servings


6- 8 Small New Red Potatoes Sliced

1 bunch of Asparagus

1 medium Sweet Onion cut into large slivers

1/2 head of Broccoli cut florets

1/2 head of Cauliflower cut florets

About 1/4 cup (to taste) Maple Mountain New York Maple Vinaigrette plus more to add after serving


Wash and prepare all vegetables. Drain to remove as much water as possible. Place all vegetables into either a large Ziploc bag or bowl. Toss with Maple Mountain Maple Vinaigrette to coat. 


Place vegetables on a foil lined baking sheet. Roast vegetable at 400 degrees for about 40-45 minutes or until tender. Stir occasionally to prevent over browning. Drizzle additional Maple Mountain Maple Vinaigrette to taste.


Place vegetables on a sheet of foil large enough to form a pouch. Seal the pouch by folding the edges together. Wrap the pouch with a second sheet of foil and fold tightly to trap in juices. Place on the grill in an area of indirect heat and close cover. Cook for about 30 minutes then check the potatoes for tenderness. Continue cooking until the desired tenderness is reached.

Drizzle additional Maple Mountain Maple Vinaigrette to taste upon serving.